Friday, September 27, 2013

Communication is Key

Conversation with my Hubby last night.

Me: So have you noticed anything different? 
Hubby:  {Looking around} Well, you haven't cut the Big D's hair 
Me: No, he still won't let me any where near him with the clippers.

Hubby: Smart kid...I don't know what do you want me to notice?...that your plant is still alive? 
Me:  Yes, my plant is still alive, but that's not it either.  It is around that area though. 
Hubby:  You spent more money on a mirror. 
Me:  Yes, and I hung it up a couple days ago.  Now the wall doesn't look so empty. Better right?
Hubby: {no comment}

So I learned two things last night.

  1.  The empty space on the wall only bothered me.
  2.  Apparently I am really proud of my single living plant...and giving bad haircuts.

My Husband is a lucky man :)

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