Thursday, September 26, 2013

On Board With Cardboard

Halloween is approaching.  Apparently my children are also approaching the age of wanting to pick out their own costumes.


The PreSchooler actually wanted to be Wall-E last year, but I made them both minions instead.  He has periodically reminded me all year though that he wants a Wall-E costume.  So no amount of suggestions have changed his mind.  We are now committed...and also off put by DIY tutorials with months worth of effort, or a $50 purchase price with horrible reviews.  I'm leaning towards cardboard box, paint, duct tape, and my sister's creative talents.

The Big D has changed from Buzz Lightyear, Fire Fighter, and Bob the Builder/Fix it Felix (all easy-ish was rooting for using the tool belt we already have and possibly a hat).  However he has now settled on a Flying Tractor.  I thought time and reminding him of other possibilities would help...but nope, Flying Tractor it is.

I'm open for ideas!  Please comment.

***Bonus Question: Do costumes bring out your crafty or your checkbook?***

Although I did buy costumes one year (Star Wars) I much prefer the old fashioned home made ones.

2009 - 
baby was 2 weeks old - nothing 

2010 - 

2011 - 
Star Wars (Chewy & Darth)

2012 -
 Minions from Despicable Me

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