Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sprinkle Showers Bring...Babies

Last weekend a good friend and I threw a baby shower for my sister.  Or a sprinkle shower/meet and greet as the focus was on meeting her newest cutie pie rather than soliciting

It was a lot of fun, colorful, simple and for once actually turned out as good as it did during the planning stage in my mind. (That is a scary place my my head that it.  Not the party.  That wasn't scary at all)

 For as much scheming and plotting I put into the decorations I didn't take any pictures.
But, I did of the important part - the people.   Although I did miss a few sneaky guests, and a few I took off guard pictures so they didn't turn out. Oh, and little boys who were too busy to be bothered with a baby shower played quietly in the next room...away from my camera.
(I promise not to post unflattering pictures of friends and family on my blog)

 Two of the sweetest women I know.  
The one of the right will be given her first grand baby by the one on the left :)

 Baby girl did so great, she got passed around for 3 hours and never fussed.  She must have been feeling the love.

We rediscovered my grandma is the biggest baby hog in the world...but really it shouldn't have came as a surprise.  Anyone who gave birth to 16 kids obviously likes babies.  And as a cousin and I also discussed, by the time you have 85 grandchildren, you have earned as much time holding a baby as you want.  My grandma's motto is always "don't worry, I'll give her back when she crys"

My favorite project is actually the post shower project.  I am making custom thank you cards for my sister, that will include a picture of each guest and our sweet little princess :)  Possibly a picture of my sister opening their present...if it wasn't one of the ones I caught her in a weird angle with a half open mouth and looking slightly possessed.

***Bonus Question(s):  Are you honestly a fan of shower games?  I am not, so we did a door prize...and thats it.....and we got compliments for not having silly games.  Are we a fun hating somber bunch or normal?***

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