Thursday, September 26, 2013

Understaffed...Still Loved

In the last few months I crossed another First off my life's list.  Not one I was particularly ready or wanting to cross off, but such as life.

I received my first "I just don't love you anymore!"

Of course being the 3 years olds mother who happens to gets kisses, hugs and plenty of "I love yous" it takes more than a little boy throwing a fit after getting in trouble to cause me doubts.  But, I can't say it didn't hurt.

He has thrown out the "I don't likes" and "I don't love" Daddy before, and even brother....but it was a first for Mommy.  It was also not the last.  I have received several more.

Coupled with my mom's visit the proir weekend when he asked if she could be his New Mommy.  I asked who I would be and got "I don't know" with a tone of "I don't care, you have already been replaced".

This lead to the Big D joining in on the fun, but needing more clear roles starting calling me Grandma.

Thankfully a few months later and I haven't been grandma since, and they seem content with me as mommy overall....however Josh did mention that he needed 10 mommies this weekend.

At this time we are not taking applications, despite being 9 mommies understaffed.

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