Friday, September 20, 2013

Kidlet Wisdom

Toddler: Do you stand on tables? 
Toddler: No, because Daddy will spank you and when Daddy spanks you, it hurts! 
K: Ya, my Daddy spanked me last night too! 
M: {K}, why did your Daddy spank you? 
K: I don’t know, I think I was rotten or something.

Just your typical everyday daycare table conversation during snack time.

Toddler: Mom, are you wearing shoes in our livingroom?
Me: Yes, I am.
Toddler: No, you shouldn't be.  Please go in the kitchen or take your shoes off.
Proof he is listening

Toddler: Do we stand on chairs? (pause, then matter of factly) No
Aunt B: imagine Cartman Whatever, Whatever, I do what want

The Big D: peeeease and thank

Not to be confused with your typical everyday please and thank you. Thank

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