Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just a Little Fish in a Big Pond

I signed the Toddler up for Pre-School swim lessons in May.

He absolutely loved it!

He also learned things like:

The diving board looks like a much better idea when you are in line.  
Actually standing on it is a whole 'nother story.
Once off the diving board you realize you forgot how much fun it looked, back in line.  
Repeat as necessary.

"I still really love water"
(but if you get out of the pool for a potty break without a towel you will get cold)

"I want googles like Taylor"

Scored some goggles!

Toys in the pool are awesome
 (The bathtub at home, however, is now much less impressive)

Its fun to share floating devices with cute little girls.

In my mind he did really well.
Of course I don't know how to swim, but he looked like he did great from my nice dry bench.

They wore floaties on their arms and had lots of pool toys.  
Give that boy a noodle (or even without) and he gets himself around the pool.

  He also really liked kicking while holding the side of the pool. 
 I didn't notice him blowing bubbles at the our bathtub yes.
 (Blowing bubbles was a lesson they tried to teach them for getting used to the water I guess)

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