Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Toothbrush Doctor

My little boy is growing up so fast.

A couple of weeks ago he had his first Dentist appointment. I'm not sure what all he did, because he was a big boy and happily went back to go all by himself.

Telling stories and looking forward to picking up his prizes.

When he came back I got a big high five and a smile that never dimmed.  He was soo cheesy all the way back to daycare.  He showed me his loot. He picked out TWO prizes for sitting so good for pictures (I'm assuming they did x-rays) and showed off his new Pirate Toothbrush.
Josh: I liked the toothbrush doctor and I had fun. But I don't like getting shots.
Me: Did you get shots?
Josh: No mom, I saw the toothbrush doctor, not the shot doctor. {implied Duh}
Me: Right
Josh: I can't wait to tell my all my friends!  They will be so surprised!

The report I received from the office, was that he is doing a really good job brushing his teeth.  I have to make sure I do a quick once over on his far back teeth because they have deep grooves. (Which would have been more concerning if I didn't have them same thing and get them sealed.)

I am proud that he wanted to make the Toothbrush Doctor a thank you card :)  Partially because it is cheaper than his other request of going back to the Dentist office everyday.

Yes, the person with the out of control red hair is me.  
And I must say, he really does capture Mommy in the morning :)

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