Friday, January 9, 2015

Words with Friends...well Kids

Is there anything better than conversations with children? My 3 year old, Big D, says the funniest things.

Every morning as soon as he wakes up he comes into my room and says "Goodmorning Mommy I had sweet dreams. Can you get me breakfast now? I'm hungry AND starving!" Yesterday I was slow moving.  Bear was up 5 times and I was on deck for 4 of them.  The Big D crawled into my bed pried my eyes open and said "yay! She is awake and can get us breakfast"

Knife is pronounced without the first two letters.
To cut something is to "ife it" or "slap" it.

As in:
Big D: can I have a slapped apple?
Me: you want it cut up?
Big D: yay, can you ife for me?

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