Thursday, February 26, 2015

Channeling Green Acres

We have been discussing moving out of town to the farm. It was always in the 5-10 year plan...well 5 years would be this Summer. I am ready. According to the Hubby he has been ready for years.  We have a floor plan we both like, with almost the perfect mud room/ laundry room. It doesn't have French Doors separating the laundry area off from the mud room entrance complete with a chandelier...but ya can't win 'em all.  It does have lots space and storage.  I was hoping for an office and extra living room area to keep tv/play area separate from sitting/visiting area. The Hubby wants the house on a walkout basement, so the extra rooms/areas could eventually be there. We are still waiting on the quote and will be doing a lot of number crunching.

What has me excited though, is the prospect of helping more on the farm. With the feeding critters, working cattle (in my mind it's great, in reality I am thin skinned and hot tempered...I might be better off cooking for a crew than being on it). Getting to see my husband more. He would be home for lunch, the kids would have more time with him as he could pickup and drop off "helpers". Ooh and even though my Dad questions where he went wrong...I am almost positive I want chickens. The coops are adorable, fresh eggs and something the kids can help with. I'm a believer in chores build responsibility, work ethic, and pride/self-esteem.  Plus Easter Eggers, the ones that lay blue and green eggs, are you still with me? Fun right?

And I have been designing raised garden beds that I want to connect to the runoff from the house gutters into a rain barrel. From there a PVC pipe with holes drilled on top underneath the plants pulling water as needed. I have no actual skill in gardening, it's a miracle I have living house plants. However, the raised beds should have less weeds and beself watering with the collected rain water. Again the kids could help and fresh veggies! It doesn't hurt that my Mother-in-law used to run a greenhouse, so I also will have someone to get advice from. I would love to gain the skill set to raise the a good chunk of our produce.

I am considering getting dairy goats or a milk cow. Though the milking twice a day and being tied down for 9-10 months out of the year is a tough concept for someone who likes to up and go. On the plus side: milk, cream, homemade butter and ice cream in the summer. Also a built in nurse cow for bums. Still debating this one though. I am also looking into goats as I have never been around them. Growing up we had milk cows so I have advice sources. (Dad says milk at the store is a bargain...for that matter, eggs, butter, ect all is). The Hubby looks at me like I'm crazy but if it gets me to want to move he is okay with it. With the understanding that it would be my sole responsibility. I grew up on raw milk....and cream.  Store bought just doesn't compare. 

Another plus. I have started running in the morning about 3 times a week and I don't like running in town-well really public. At the farm it's a mile and a quarter from the highway, so round trip I could add an extra loop and get my 3 miles in easily and out of the public eye. 

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