Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Misbehaving Floor

In the shuffle this morning a small accident happened.  My oldest had just left for preschool,  with a sweet Mom who has a son in the same class and has been picking mine up on the way. Baby Bear was laying next to me on the couch and I was trying to persuade the Big D to get dressed for the day (even if morning clothes aren't as green and awesome as pjs). He ran out stark naked and informed me he was out of clean underwear.

So I walked over to the laundry basket of clothes I had neglected to put away and threw him a pair. ..and the baby rolled off the couch.  My little 11 month old climber who has been climbing on and off the couch just long enough for me to let my guard down.

She was more startled than anything but her little crocodile tears made the Big D worried.  After he was all dressed and the baby calmed down he narrated a recap

Big D: I saw the baby and she falled off the couch and I saw her fall and cry and cry. And that made me sad. 
Mom: It made me sad too, Mommy should have put her on the floor before she walked away. 
Big D: I'm so angry at, I'm angry at the floor because it bonked my baby's head and hurt her and make her cry. Naughty floor, naughty.
Mom: It wasn't the floors fault,  she just fell on it. 
Big D: Floor don't you ever hurt my baby again.

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