Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crazy and Silly and Nice

The Hubby gave the awake children goodbye hugs before heading out this morning. Bear was in her high hair eating and the Bid D gave an impish smirk and said he wasn't giving a goodbye hug. So Daddy came to both of them and gave them bye-hugs.

I have a quirk about getting the last hug, so he had give me another one before heading out the door. The Hubby had to be ornery, because it's who he is.

Big D: Did Dad just give you a spank?!
Me: Yep, what are we going to do about him? 
Big D: Before we go-ed to the farm last day we asked dad to get us donuts and he said "wait here" 
Me: Did he bring back donuts? 
Big D: Nooo, he only gets us donuts when we go in the grocery store. 
(Duh Mom, drink your coffee and follow along) 
Me: Oh that Dad 
Big D: Yep. He is crazy and silly and nice.

I gotta say, it's actually a fairly accurate description.

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