Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have a terrible habit of thinking I have everything I need to make a recipe. Reality tends to not match my line of thinking.  Most things I make are "inspires by the intended recipe"

The Hubby figured this out when he was still the Boyfriend and had automatically started asking "Are you sure you have everything you need? Did you look at the recipe? " by the time he was the Fiance. These days he has just come to accept if he is home before I have started cooking he might get an errand request.

More typically I am googling substitutes. Here is my question:

How many substitutes can you make before it's not the same recipe anymore?

Bonus Question: How many can you plan on making before drawing the line and saying "New Plan"?

Last night we had "inspired by Chicken Cordon Blue casserole" with no ham.

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