Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Music to a Mama's Ear

No Bud...I don't think you look seven.

Big D: If you like my body and you think I'm seven, come on baby let me know! If you think I'm seven, if you think I'm seven let me knooooow.
The Big D likes to sing. He doesn't always have an ear for lyrics though. This coming from a mom who used to belt out "Davy, Davy Crockett, a man who don't know deer".  You know, it might be hereditary.
Big D: I love you too much. With Snails are my witness without you loving me back.
If you have watched the movie The Book of Life lately you might recognize the jingles he has stuck in his head.  If not...well I'm guessing you have at least heard the first one at some point. 

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