Thursday, April 2, 2015

Small Blessing #258

I am fortunate.  My children aren't nearly as picky eaters as I was. (Though the Big D is going through a not eating the color green unless its a salad stage.) I would have ate cheerios 3 meals a day. I hated pancakes and french toast...and also tacos.

My kids like pancakes.  I wouldn't say they are my favorite,  but I dont hate them. I actually like them with blueberries or chocolate chips. The kids love them plain or with any combination of things I have thrown in. Made from scratch or a mix, with whole wheat flour and honey or white flour and sugar. To them it's all good.

My kids also like french toast. Again plain or with toppings and additions. For the record I also like french toast these days.. .though probably  everyday.

This morning was rough. I stayed up too late reading a book. Then I was up too early with the baby. So I layed like a lump on a log curled up on the couch while my children swore to be dying of starvation and thirst. Finally I stirred and I heard "couldnt we at least have toast? ANYTHING we are soooooo hungry". I looked at the time and was embarrassed at how late it was. So I made french toast.

So quick and easy, yet still has the look of a thoughtful meal. And it struck me. I was such a pain as a child because I didn't like any breakfast meal that was quick and easy. (Aside from cold cereal). I'm sure Mom had the same kind of days I do. Same list of chores and varying amounts of sleep...and she DIDN'T drink coffee! Seriously Mom, how did you childrear without caffeine?

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