Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dos Babies Appointment #2

I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday and saw a new Doctor. Third sneak peek of the babies.

We were so excited to get in with (in my opinion) the worlds best doctor the beginning of December. Then we got the call his contract was up the end of the year. So we scheduled with another doctor I had heard really good things about. With twins the Doppler can't always pick up both heartbeats, so they do a bedside ultrasound to check. Which I love, it's nice to visually see that they have grown and are active.

The current plan is to wait until after the first week of January and see if my original obstetrician is practicing anywhere else. If he is we will be going back to him. If not, well I think we have found another doctor that will be good. Maybe not Thee Best in the Whole World, but Dr. R set that bar high.

My biggest request was that if the babies are in good position and it is safe to do so, to deliver without scheduling an induction or c-section. So far that isn't an issue, some doctors prefer to schedule a c-section automatically with twins and I'm a little intimidated to recover from surgery and take care of 5 kids. Plus I'm really really hesitant  about following lifting weight restrictions because I know with a toddler and two babies I will be lifting. 

Dr M is also going to help me with a healthy eating and exercise plan post babies to help get me on track. On my own my weight yo-yos but has settled at an unhealthy place and it's time to get serious. Dr R was on board with doing the same, so lots of changes coming 2016.

Results. The babies were stacked on top of each other. Baby A's heartbeat was 140-145 bpm and Baby B's was a little faster, but she didn't put a number to it. My blood pressure was good and I've stopped losing weight from morning sickness. So everyone looks healthy and we are doing good.

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