Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November Musing

This week is quite the week. Rehearsal Dinner Tonight, Thanksgiving the next day, and a wedding on Friday. I'm gaining another Sister-in-Law as the Hubby's younger brother ties the knot.

Thanksgiving was cancelled by my family, so instead of traveling we will be celebrating the holiday with my inlaws. I thought that would mean we could do Christmas with my family, but that isn't sounding good either.

We are waiting to hear back from a contractor about getting our basement floor replaced and hopefully getting the basement finished this winter. I can't wait for that. The big boys would share a room in the basement and everyone will have more room. Our basement is the same square footage as the main floor so we will be doubling our living space!

I have so many plans. There will be 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom in the basement, a storage room and possibly an office. The rest will be wide open. For running and playing and the majority of toys.

A kitchen wall will be torn out and replaced with a half wall that will let more light to the stairs and a open feeling to the basement. Bear will have the nursery rearranged as we get ready for the twins to share the space in the Spring.

Hopefully we will also remodel our main bathroom upstairs once we have the basement one finished.

The Hubby feels like we have already outgrown our house with our 3 kiddos and is convinced when the twins arrive it will be too small. I think we will be doubling the room we have now and with a finished basement it will make all the difference.

My other plan for the basement is a built in playhouse with play kitchen, table, workbench, etc. I also have a plan for a book nook. Open shelving and bean bags with lots of light. I'm also really hoping the project is done before winter is over so the kids have a place to burn off energy when it's too cold to play outside.

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