Monday, November 16, 2015

Lucky #6&7

7 is a lucky number right?


I keep focusing on that number, because it will soon be the number of people in my family.

I will be cooking meals and washing dishes for 7.

Laundry and folding and making beds....for 7.


My husband and I had a deal. We would decide how many kids we wanted one at a time. I would declare I didn't want any more while pregnant and battling all day sickness and my hip coming out of place. NEVER AGAIN! No more for us. He was supposed to remind me how I felt after the baby came and proceeded to grow and my ongoing baby fever took hold. He tended to always say, one more would be fun. I wouldn't mind one more.

Well, we broke the one at a time rule. We are having TWO.


I'm excited...and scared. Usually at the same time.

Well almost halfway there.


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