Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to my other Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

This weekend we celebrated another Grandma's birthday. The Hubby doubled his annual exposure to my large extended family. (Usually we only get see them at Thanksgiving).

My mom is number 7 of 16 kids.  My grandma has 55 grandkids, and 29 great grandkids.  Both of those figures are still growing. If my spreadsheet is correct (it's totally normal to have a spreadsheet to keep track of 1st cousins right?) my sister will be having my grandmas 85th grandchild (counting the greats).

And I'm sidetracking again.  Point being - my mom's side of the family is BIG.  My grandma had a wonderful outdoor party at my Uncle's (aka Grandma's childhood home).

Pitchfork fondue, potluck, and BYOB....and probably some chairs.  Informal and wonderful.

Lots of children running around.

In General just lots of people

Lots of beer drank, lots of pop drank, lots of juice drank.

Lot of laughter and smiles.

Lots of stories told and jokes shared (non that I will repeat from my father)

A pretty intense game of horse shoes

Lots of food ate and enjoyed

He gets his fashion sense from me.

Quite a few hugs.

And one very remarkable and very loved Grandma.

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