Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crown Jewels

Sit back and grab your tiara...oh wait you don't have one?  Doesn't everyone?

Not to brag or anything, but I recently found that I am an even bigger deal than I realized. (Hubby, did you know that was possible?)

Well you see...I'm actually Royalty.  By ways of some genealogy digging I discovered what I had long suspected as a small child, I'm a long lost princess...rightful heir to the throne of.....?

Well I come from a long line of Kings, Queens, Princesses, Barons, Duchesses, and other fancy titles in my lineage anyway.  With a few disputable dates, I was actually able to trace a line on my Dad's side all the way back to Adam.  109 generations from Adam to be exact... that's a whole lot of Great Great Greats to throw in front Grandpa.  Borrowing of course from the bible and all the  Begatting found in Genesis.

After you go back so far it can get tricky.  However if there is royalty in your lineage you can go back pretty far....because at one time Royalty was pretty much the only lineage tracked.

I'm currently shopping for the appropriate bling to wear.
Which do you think could I pull off?

This all started after I invited a couple missionaries over for supper, and they told me about how they are called to a mission of spreading the good word, offering counseling  and also helping people research their family history. (They also mentioned they pretty much have been living off of frozen pizza.  I see hungry people, I want to feed them...its how I roll.) Salt Lake City has the largest records of genealogy in the entire world they have been working on getting that information online!  I used to work with a lady that saved her vacation every year so she could go to Utah and work on her genealogy.

That excited me right off the bat.  I have some my family tree already put together, one of my Mom's 1st cousins has traced that line back to Ireland in the 1700s.  That in itself is pretty cool right?  One of my favorite possessions is a photocopy of my Great Grandfathers Immigration Papers coming to the USA.

I also have a picture of my Great Great Great Great Grandfather that my Aunt had forwarded on to me. Besides rocking a bushier beard I can't believe how much my dad looks like him.

Family resemblance no?
Granted its not a very good picture of dad, and in the winter when he does grow out his beard they look even more similar.

You might have guessed that family history fascinates me, so I jumped at the chance to have the missionaries  sign me up to the free website and give me tips in delving into my family history...and I agreed to feed them a home cooked meal. Win-Win for everyone!

 The Toddler treated the young gentlemen like any other guest that steps foot into our home.

Yea! You brought me new friends.  Thank you, now friends come get a tour of my house, I will now introduce you to my toys, see my little Lightening McQueen table, look I can jump up and down, look I can touch my toes, Did you notice my shoes? Hey Mom why do they have hair? Here sit next to me on the couch and we will watch Monsters Inc. Can I wear your glasses? I will pet you, hug you, smother you, love you and call you George. Mom you can't talk to them...they are mine.
One of the things they recommended is recording your own story.  Kind of an autobiography...which admittedly isn't as exciting for me...but imagine if my Great Great Great Grandkiddos are researching their lineage.  It would be extremely cool for them to find something more than just a name...maybe I'll just link up to my blog.  Do you think the internet and blogging will still be going strong in 150 years?

Just because here is some of my possible royal lineage :)

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