Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Blood

Here are some of the more fun names I came across researching my genealogy.  Every so often I still have fun googling some of the names. I feel like I should maybe be kinda a big deal in France :) I'm not sure how accurate this lineage is, but it sure is fun to remind the Hubby that technically I'm royalty.

Reu King of Gothia King of Scythia (2213-1973 BC) Reu - Rae, I can see the relation :)

Serug Glas King of Gothia (2101-1951 BC)

Nahor King of Gothia

Terah King of Gothia (2122-1917 BC)

Abraham (Abram) King of Gothia (1996-1872 BC)

Isaac King of Gothia

Agrippa 1 (Marcus Juius Agrippa) Judaea King (10-44)

Herod Pollio Chalcis (Chalkis) King (-48) This one I did google...its not the Herod that first popped into my mind

Tigranes VI Armenia King ( -62)

Alexander I Cilicia (55-105) - married to Iotape Commagene (55 -)

Marcomir de Toxandrie, Chefe franco  (220-281) Chefe/Chege/Chief are pretty much King, near as google can tell me.

Gonobaug I de Toxandrie, Chefe Franco (245-289) I'm glad I didn't have a name like that to try and spell in Kindergarten.

Ragaise de Toxandrie, Chefe Franco (270-307)

Blesinde d'Alemanie, Princess Sueva (350-403) - married to Chlodio I, Rei de Colonia (345-398) Blesinde is actually a fun name, reminds me of my sisters name.  Heck maybe this is legit!

Chief Thoedemir of the Franks Von Koln (374-414)

Clodius V ( -378)

Argotta Queen of the Franks (376- ) married to Pharamond King of Westphalia (370-430)

Clodius or Clodio "The Longhaired" King of Westphalia (390-448)

Merovee or Merovaeus King of France (411-458)

Childeric I (437-481) married to Basina de Andoverra, Princess of Thuringia, Queen of France (438-470)

Clovis King of Salic Franks (466-511)

Clotaire I Lothair King of France ( -516) married to Ingonde Queen of the Franks (499- )

Charlbert I (520- ) married to Ingoberge Queen of Paris (520-589)

Berthe (Aldeberge, Blighildis) Queen of Kent (541-616)

Theuderic III King of Franks (636-690)

Rotbold II of Arles Don't think we will be recycling Rotbold for any future kidlets.

Robert II "The Pious" King of France (981-1040)

Sir Knight Edmund Bacon (1315- ) Not a royal name, just a fun one :)

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