Wednesday, May 3, 2017

1 Week Down and Alls Well

Well husband, you have been gone nearly a week. Your family misses you. In fact Bear told me you hurt her feelings and broke her heart. She sure loves her Daddy and yesterday demanded to be dressed like a farmer...just like my Dad.

The boys sound like they have done alright in school. Big D informed me he broke up with Miss M and is now with Miss A. The former beau got angry at him too often. Apparently he moves on quickly. No longer wanting to marry the little girl who was going to marry a Tug Boat Captain his dream job is back to being a farmer. And yes, he received another lecture/reminder he is too little for girlfriends and figuring out who he will marry.

Bug tells everyone that you are gone to Oregon. Germany/Oregon...foreign enough. At a classmates birthday party he played Pokemon and is now making similar battle cards of his various interests.
The twins have been a bit clingy and at the same time more adventurous. They climb now and seem to look for opportunities to fall. The older children's rock collection is the bane of my existence. Mainly because they end up in the hands of our minis who put them in boots and pots and doorways.
I was supposed to start a new Bible Study tonight, but it wasn't well attended and there was a Parish Counsel Meeting which would have left me alone. We will try next week and if there isn't enough interest I will scrap it. The material is pretty deep and I am not sure I am smart enough. Perhaps I should look into the Bible for Dummies? Is that a thing?

Anyway Week 1 summary.
Friday we ran errands and checked out books at the Public Library. They may need to build a new wing for all the books they are getting in for Bug.

Saturday the boys went to a birthday party. I spent 2 hours mowing the lawn and getting a sunburn.

Sunday I relied heavily on anyone near my pew at Mass. Everyone gets a baby! We also went the the PTAs Bingo day. The prize for a BINGO was picking out 2 books, picking an additional 5 before leaving and everyone got doorprizes.

Monday was a low key day. We didn't do much.

Tuesday while the boys were in school I took the girls to Glendive to visit my sister and pickup pallets for our future backyard playhouse. It rained and I discovered our sump pumps weren't working. The outside one just needed plugged in, the Basement one Neil got the float unstuck. This week I will pickup a new one.

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