Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mom Brag

Feeling pretty proud of my oldest son. Last Sunday after Mass, the Activities Director of the Assisted Living Center asked me if Josh would be interested in joining a Junior Volunteer Group she would like to start. Through school he has already been going and reading to the residents, of course he usually seeks out his Great Grandma and reads to her. They both love it. Grandma's memory is slipping a bit, she doesn't always know who I am, or my other kids. She always knows Josh though, and I think it is so special.

Anyway, the AD told me that Josh is at home and completely comfortable. He is well behaved and energetic, visiting with everyone. This awkward Momma, who is still trying to learn how to stop being uncomfortable in public is so happy. Sometimes I really need to step back and appreciate this beautiful and kind soul that God has blessed me with. I mentioned it to my little guy, and he lit up and said "You mean I can go read and visit anytime!?"

Further bragging on my kiddo. Earlier I took the kiddos to the playground to enjoy the nice weather. We briefly had the joint to ourselves and then were joined by our neighbor down the street. One of her girls is in Josh's class. We were visiting and she told me earlier in the year her daughter came home and was impressed with Josh. Kids were fighting and Josh came over to help mediate and told them to remember that God doesn't want us to fight.  I love that boy's caring heart.

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