Monday, May 15, 2017

Staying Humble

My children keep me humble.

Friday I spent the last 1.5 mowing the lawn and didn't feel like making supper. I decided to order burgers and onion rings and picnic in the backyard. I invited my oldest to ride with me to pick up our food. On the way home I added an errand and we stopped at the post office. Josh remembered there was a package so we picked it up and emptied our mail box. We loaded up and he wanted to know why I leave the package slips in the box when the window to pickup packages is closed.

Me: Then the next time someone stops the slip is there to remind them of the package and so the slip doesn't get lost.

Josh: Why couldn't you just keep track of it and bring it?

Me: Well, Dad and I decided this was the best way. That way whoever gets the mail has the slip. You have to have it to get the packages.

Josh: you aren't smart enough not to lose it?!

Me: I'm not smart?

Josh: Smart enough!

Me: You don't think I'm smart? This way is the smartest way. If the slip is in the box whoever checks the mail can grab the slip and when the window is open get the package. I don't have to worry if it is in dad's pickup or hanging up on the fridge.

Josh: Because you lose stuff when you aren't smart enough to keep track of it.

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