Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 2 down

Weekly Wrap Up
Friday- I watched my niece so her mom could help your folks brand. Loved using the blender you bought me. So great for making table food into babyfood. It was fun having an extra baby for the day.
The boys spent every possible second outside. I went and bought Bug new pants. Which leads me to a huge pant sizing related rant. 8s are too small in waist and leg, 10s are too big in both areas even in the slims. I demand 9s, but my demands are ignored, maybe because I don't know were to make my demands.

Saturday - SIL took the boys for the 2nd day of branding. I watched both nieces. The big girls got along great. Small arguments over who Cinderella belonged to and whose turn it was to dress up as batman, and a brief discussion of who was the better Elsa/Anna. Ch and the Twins had some jealousy issues. C likes to be held alone. At one point I uncovered a hidden talent. I fed 3 babies at the same time!

Sunday - Again thankful for those people who sit near me during Mass. Hot Potato with babies again. I can't speak to how well the bigs behaved, I ended up in the cry room with Nora and the poor saps sitting near me watched over the rest of our brood.

Monday - The kids enjoyed playing outside with the neighbors. School has been going good for them. Top secret projects going on that I assume deal with Mother's Day coming up.
Tuesday - Lots of rain today. I was glad I hooked up the new sump pump last night. I felt bad for the boys and picked them up from school instead of making them walk home in the deluge. I would assume your folks moving cows was interesting.

Wednesday - Mom and Kiddo pictures were postponed for another day. No one came to Bible Study, so Father and I agreed to try one more week and if there isn't enough interest I will scrap it. I am a bit disappointed because I feel like I need to be learning more. Also on a more selfish note because I want to get out of the house and do something for me, during the daylight and not dependent on anyone's nap.

Thursday - The girls and I went to Miles City. I had my blooddrawn and another Doctor appointment. Did a little running around. After school we were going to have pictures taken, but they ended up being canceled. I mowed the backyard and it was beautiful out, so we ended up having a picnic for supper. The Twinks didn't seem to mind walking in the grass barefoot. All of the kids loved being outside. You should know that I really want to put in the paverstone patio we talked about. Then get a patio furniture set and a gazebo or pergula....and a fire pit. When the weather is nice I think the kids and I will just live in the backyard.

Whew! That about covers it.

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