Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Helping Hand

Top ten reasons I will have a daughter in law that loves me.

1) Toddler quote: "I like being a helper and making things clean and shiny".
2) He also loves helping me do laundry.  He helps me sort, load the washer, and load and unload the dryer.
3) He helps set and clear the table.
4) He actually will pick up things of the floor and throw them in the garbage (this does require some keeping an eye on)
5) He likes to help vacuum
6) He likes to help sweep
7) He likes to help mop/scrub the floor
8) He loves dusting with the swiffer
9) He likes to help me cook.
10) He likes to help do dishes and clean

It is not actually the fact that he likes to help at the moment.  I am a realist that will pass.  Kids like learning new things and doing what they see others doing.  It is still fun and a game.  Once it is a responsibility and a chore, I highly doubt I will have such a willing helper. However I find it a good sign that he is interested now.

Which is why this impatient mama, who tries to hold it together when a 5 minute task takes 20 with "help", will keep on encouraging any interest he has in helping out. (That and when he gets old enough for chores I'll know he is capable of doing them)

In my mind he won't be the helpless college guy that doesn't know how to do laundry and only knows how to get a meal by ordering a pizza. He won't be the husband that doesn't know how to pitch in around the house and for that alone, there has got to be a girl out there that will love me for that down the road...unless he talks to my dad and Grandpa passes on the advice of "do a bad job and they won't want your help ever again."

In the mean time, if nothing else its cute :)

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