Monday, February 11, 2013

Photo Bomb 41

Dear Hubby,

Last week was interesting.  I decided to pull the boys out of the daycare center.  My mom has been coming up Sunday evening and staying with me to watch the boy's Monday - Wednesday.  Thursdays I have someone that will start coming to the house in a few weeks to watch the boys, and on Friday a neighbor lady watches them.  As far as they are concerned she is like another grandma.

It has been nice to have another adult in the house, though I'm not sure it is as nice for her.  After all she trades a bed and her own room for the couch in the livingroom.  I have also roped mom into doing pilates with me...and watching Dr. Who.  I have got the most sleep I have gotten during the deployment with her here, she needs to go to bed before midnight and the boys pester her when the get up. (Yep I'm getting the best end of this deal!)

It has been nice for the boys (and me) to have them at the house.  It allows us to have more time together, cuts down on the morning chaos...and forces me to do better meal planning.  They are still my morning alarm clocks, typically getting up 10-15 minutes before my alarm clock.  If grandma isn't there to pick on they pile in Mom's bed or turn on the radio and dance.

Once in a while we do a special treat and the boys eat on their little Lightening McQueen table.  They get to help set the table, clear the table, and wipe it down.  With it being their size there is no need for booster chairs...albeit meals are still pretty messy.

Playing a Mickey Mouse game on the IPad.

The boys love having Grandma at the house...though the three of them don't cooperate very well for pictures.

Going for favorite son/best helper award.
He claims to like cleaning, helping, and making things shiny and clean.

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