Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photo Bomb 40

Dear Hubby,

I am getting behind on the blog again.  Blame it on multiple doctor appointments, daycare issues, new babies,  party planning, and traveling.  I did a horrible job taking pictures this week.  Monday and Friday were my only full days at work.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was doing some doctoring and of course meeting our nephew, Thursday I ended up without daycare. I drove the boys to my sister's and spent the afternoon/evening.  She kept them over night so I was able to go to work on Friday.  Then I drove back up to get them and starting organizing and deep cleaning our bedroom and threw a Superbowl Party over the weekend.

What a proud looking Dad.
Don't worry, I don't have baby fever...but our nephew sure is one cute kid!

The boys discovered some of the toys that aren't currently in rotation,
 and after that lived in the closet. Can you spot them?

Hide-n-Seek has been a continued favorite game this week...
...they are such sneaky little buggers.

The Big D is becoming obessed with Trackers (Tractors)

We had the Batman family of Superheros over for the Superbowl.

Some guests even arrived with bells on!

 Guests lounged in the living-room at their own risk

The boys didn't watch much football....but they did get packed around like footballs.

 Everyone apparently was more interested in our conversation on the IPad than the big game...
I think that's when the lights went out, plus the commercials weren't even that good this year.
I missed the Jeep/USO commerical so I looked it up online.
Yes I am nerdy enough to google commercials.

**PS- Did you notice they got haircuts again? **

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