Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo Bomb 42

Dear Hubby,

Another week down, another week closer to having you home again.  The boys definitely know how to push all of my buttons.  They are always into and up to something.  I love watching them play though, and the things they come up with never ceases to amaze me.

There was the sweeper truck that needed to sweep our house, bathroom disasters, everyday kid destruction, games, books, splashing in puddles and food fights. Relocating chairs, crawling on counters, too much sugar, cookies, and candy and not enough sleep. A bit of screaming, yelling and crying (and that was just from me) Fortunately there was also lots of hugs, kisses, pleases and thank-yous   A whole bunch of I love yous and enough peaceful moments to make all the hectic ones worthwhile.

We love you very much and can't wait to have you part of a chaos again.  Stay safe.

Its hard to know what to think initially when you see a waving broom coming from out of a doorway.
Sometimes its a fight, sometimes its a cleaning machine.

Unfortunately for the sweeper truck most of our house is carpeted and little brother gets in the way a lot.  In other words, it was slow going with little progress

Can you spot the sleeping mess maker?
(Also you can tell this picture Grandma was here helping us out)

So peaceful and innocent looking when he is asleep.

The boys playing hide and go seek in the laundry room.
I probably shouldn't encourage them hiding from me...someday they are bound to get better and I will regret all the practice I allowed them.

 While I was chatting with you on the IPad and getting ready this morning, your son was in the bathroom.  Going potty wasn't enough, so from what I gather from his story he needed to brush his teeth.

There is some evidence to his story...
toothpaste on the mirror and squeezed all over and sink and a wet toothbrush.

However that doesn't quite explain his face and arms.
What does explain his face and arms is watching me get ready and putting on makeup,
apparently he decided to have a go with the mascara.

This mess was much  more manageable then two other messes I have found in there in the last couple weeks.  One of which I will probably never fully recover. (More on that later) 

We picked your grandma up and headed to Dickinson to visit your Great Grandma.

The Big D was fascinated and obsessed with your Gma's walker.  In fact he stole it from her and crawled up and down on it and tried to give the Toddler a ride around the room in it shouting "Go Go Go!"

The boys were excited to see another grandma!  
When you get back though I would love to make another trip up.

Josh(3) and Great Great Grandma (104)
Your Grandma hasn't changed a bit...I can't say the same for our son.
Josh (1 month) and Great Great Grandma (101)

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