Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moving on UP

Last month my sister's family moved, my contribution was bringing food, drinks, and snacks for the moving crew.  Considering I was told they had only wrangled one helper and his son (roundabouts the same age as the Toddler) I decided adding my two toddlers to the packing/moving equation may not help all that much.  But I could meet them there, have food and watch the kids (5 kids...what was I thinking?)

When I got there more and more vehicles kept arriving.  They had rounded up extra help last minute.  Luckily I tend to overcook and prepare, even so when 4 adults and 5 kids turned into 7 adults and 8 kids the main dish stretched pretty thin.  (8 kids....what was I thinking?)

My two urchins decided that morning at the grocery store that sugar cookies were a must, so I picked up a dozen.  We arrived before anyone else so I told the boys they could each have one cookie.  I'll tell you what, while I was assembling lunch I couldn't believe how long it took each of them to eat a cookie.  I mean at home they attack them like a Tasmanian Devil.  The mystery was solved when the work crew showed up and I realized there were only 3 cookies left.  It also explained their hyper behavior and jittery giggles.

 The Big D with Uncle D.....and his nemesis.

He is quite the manipulator...maybe he was channeling Yertle the Turtle?
Also the coffee table was placed to keep the kiddos in the back room with me and the toys while the big and heavy stuff was being moved.  My son viewed it as an opportunity to reach the light switch.

My sister never one to pass up an opportunity to up the ante on playing dinosaur...
you win B, you were the more ferocious dinosaur.
(I guess all those years in Speech and Drama paid off)

No one looking too impressed...I'm going to go with worn out.

Luckily care was taken and they remembered to pack and move their children.

 My nephews room was were all the action was.  After all, 6 of the 8 kidlets were boys.

 The Toddler liked the gun safe.
(He is his father's child)

I wish I had something clever and witty to say about this photo...but I don't.  It just makes me smile.

Caption contest? Comment below.

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