Thursday, February 7, 2013

So Many Rules, So Many Fish

My children are as controlling/OCD as I am.
They have inherited the only wanting to do something your way.
Which is irritating for me, because it, well we have established this. I want it my way.

Making arbitrary rules that are to be followed by others. 
With the caveat that the rule maker is clearly above any rules they make.  
Future politicians? Or turning into their mother?

The Toddler going over the rules.
Rule #1) The red fish are mine, I catch them all.
Rule #2) You can catch the green fish.

The Big D putting back every single fish that was caught.
Thee longest game of all couldn't end.
Rule #3) You can only put Mommy's fish back.

Then the starting and stopping of the game at least 8 times.
Rule #4) Each fish has a designated spot.  Be it know that Fishing cannot commence until each flounder is accounted for and in place. Really I'm surprised he didn't issue permits.

No not yet, that ones isn't in its spot.
No not yet, this one goes here.
No not yet....

The Big D gave up fishing and decided to use his hands....against the Toddler's rules...until he tried it too.
Rule #5) No using your hands!
Rule #6) If you use your hands, you have to do it like this.

They tested out the poles from all angels.

Then they decided Mom should hold on to each of their poles to help them catch fish.
I can help one kid....I'm not talented enough to fish simultaneously double-fisted.
Especially while attempting to follow Rules #1-2
(at this point I can envision double-fisting adult beverages other things)

Then the sport of plastic fish began to wane.

The problem with a multitude of very specific that they aren't fun to follow.
With rampant rule breaking...they turned to bigger fish to fry catch....Themselves.

At this point I walked away, I don't fit in with the fishing crowd. 
Plus I didn't want to get netted. Though watching the fish's valiant fighting effort was entertaining.

And the poles were put down, mom's patience was gone...but we survived.

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