Friday, February 8, 2013


Spring is nearing, 
yet the temperature is cold.
It taunts me with a day of sunshine,
then takes it away with a forecast of snow.

The days on the countdown trickle away, 
yet the length of each day feels like it stretches on and on.
How is it time can both fly and crawl?

Anticipation is building,
impatience is growing,
my concentration is gone.

Our time apart begins to feel as unbearable as the first weeks after you left.

We have both grown and changed during our time apart.  
I can only hope, that it has been for the better.
That the strength we have found inside ourselves,
still allows us a need for each other.
That cold lonely nights soon are replaced by the warmth of family cuddles,
 and watching over our precious children as they sleep.

The time can't go fast enough yet it is the wait the makes the return so wonderful.

I love you and despite the cold temperatures, 
days remaining, and the thousands of miles separating us.
In my heart it is Spring and we are together.

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