Monday, October 8, 2012

Go Ahead, Build My Fence

Saturday was spent lounging and wasn't all that exciting, but Sunday we made major progress on the fence in the backyard. My sister's family showed up Sunday morning and we even roped in her brother in law for a bit of manual labor.  The set up worked great, my sister stayed inside with the kids and the cousins played together and watched movies, while my Brother in Law and I got to work on the fence.  The kids made a few appearances, but it was pretty chilly outside so they were hood house-rats.

Our first step was to charge the batteries for the drills, and cut a corner.  We decided that because it was chilly and we didn't feel like digging out the last hole by hand, mixing more cement, etc.  Plus the cable/telephone line and gas line are very close to that spot.  So if any work ever has to be done it would take out our fence.  So we literally, cut the corner.  I personally like the look and have plans of a multi-level raised flower bed.
When we dug the holes for the railings to start with my One-Call wasn't done very well.  The telephone line and gas lines weren't marked.  So the corner post took out the telephone line.  Monday they came to replace it, dug up half the alley and discovered a gas leak.  Tuesday the dug up the gas line, again digging up half the alley and trenched all the way to the neighbors house and in the process hit their cable line. With that record we decided just to leave that area alone.

Cutting the Corner

Starting to screw up the slats.

My helper handing me screws.

My nephew doing some child labor

The Toddler felt bad for him and lent him a hand.

"Mommy!  You trapping me!"
(That is exactly the plan little man)

Lots of Progress!

Making sure my slats are straight.

Doing the Wilson!

My sister hard at work play.

Progress (same section of fence, different angles)

                          Before                                                                              After

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