Saturday, October 27, 2012

Photo Bomb 26

Dear Hubby,

First of all we love you and miss you so much. Nothing new there.

The boys were happy (along with Mommy) to find that when the batteries die in Daddy's recorded books that fresh batteries make everything work again.  I know you said they would, but I was still skeptical and afraid we would lose your recording.  The Toddler is pretty possessive of the Lightening McQueen book again...but will share with little brother under close supervision.

We were all borderline coming down with something all week, but I guess we are on the mend now.  Maybe  just feeling crabby because of  Mommy limiting outdoor playtime due to the shorter days and colder weather?  I'm thinking about taking in some of the outdoor toys and putting them in the basement and maybe getting some old carpet or a big area rug to put down.  Then they can tear around and burn off some energy where it is warm and in a wind free environment.

We are in countdown mode to Treat or Treating....and Springtime.  Well the Toddler and I am, the Big D could care less, he just likes his hat.  I will have to figure out a plan for leaving candy out while I take the boys Trick or Treating...and might borrow a wagon to haul them in.  As this is your home town, anyone I should make sure we hit up?

The Toddler reading his birthday "books"

The Big D showing off his dance moves on the chair cushion.
Yeah, I really don't know either.

 Cheesy smiles!

Trying very hard to say he is now 3 AND have the appropriate number of fingers up

 Serious business disciplining renegade fingers

 Listening to Daddy read  a bedtime story.

His toe was wiggling and keeping in time with the music from the book.

Little Mr. Destruction.  
All day, Every Day.

Drawing a picture of our family for Daddy.

 Documenting another haircut...and another lucky to be still alive day.
We both really miss you giving the haircuts.

 Enjoying some popcorn and a movie. 

The Toddler showing off his freshly brushed teeth.

The Big D trying to figure out how to wear Mom's shoes.

Two little boys just chill'n.

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