Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photo Bomb 24

Dear Husband,

This post will have to be updated at a later date.  I took the boys to visit my sister and pick-out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch....and left my camera at her house.  I didn't have everything loaded on the computer yet...however, I will still update you about our week.  Please just remember to check back later for the pictures.

This week was full of rain, snow, and scattered nice weather.  Only in Montana. Our poor kids were rarely dressed for the appropriate weather because I made clothing choices based on the prior day.  Light long sleeve tshirts=snow, heavy winter jackets and lined pants = 70 degrees and a walk to the park.  It took longer than it should have to finally start dressing them in layers and hoping for the best.

The Toddler made some great progress in potty training.  I am trying not to get my hopes too high, as he has done the starting/stopping thing before.  Every-morning though he has at least tried to use the potty and he has been going and/or trying at daycare.  He told me once he is potty trained he can ride with I guess he has some incentive.

The band kids dropped off another care-package for the boys and formally invited us to the Fall concert in the new auditorium.  The kids loved it, I loved the people sitting around us that took pity on me and helped with the kids.  The Toddler decided he liked everybody else better than me and gave some tackle/hugs to a couple of near by women and sat on their laps.  The Big D wiggled and squirmed and tried to make a break for it every chance he got.  Both boys clapped and cheered loudly after every song and were excited to see their Aunt on stage. They also felt the urge to dance.

We finished screwing all the slats on the fence up this week also.  Waiting on a final plan for the gates and tying into the neighbors new fence.  We are leaning towards staining at a later date, possibly in the spring.  With the moisture I didn't want to seal it in, and I'm not really sure how to tell if wood is dry.

As you also know I locked our entire family out of the house again, for the THIRD time since you have left. TWICE in one month...just so you know two keyless entry door locks have been really is for the best.  Of course you married me, so none of this should come as a surprise.  Here is to hoping it isn't genetic and our children will grow up and be more capable of working doors than I am. Whilst I am wishing, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they actually grow out of their awkward stage and develop a sense of balance...hey a girl can dream. I do feel that I deserve recognition and bonus points for not locking myself out either of our vehicles though....and hopefully I didn't just curse myself and ruin the streak.

 This week the Toddler got over not wanting his picture taken.  He is back to being a complete ham!

Aunt B tried so hard to get him to make squishy faces for her.
He refused, but as soon as she left....

"I'm Daddy"

"Now I fireman"

"I not fireman, I Josh. That's silly!"

More Squishy Face

Luckily he likes taking a bath just as much as he likes getting dirty!

 The Big D trying on part of brother's Halloween costume

 Making funny faces...silly boys.

 The boys opening up their 2nd care package from the band students.

 The Big D playing with Handy Fish...I don't think big brother knows yet.

 Playing nice together...I just love them!

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