Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Mom Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Her?

Dear Hubby,

I think we need to talk.  The Toddler of course, has been talking about you a lot lately. He is missing you something fierce, so we have been talking about you a lot.  We look at pictures, talk about how much you love and miss him too, share memories of things you have done together before, what you will do together again, etc.  However one story seems to keep popping up and I feel there is something you may have failed to share with me.

Sample conversation from last night:
Me: Goodnight sweetie {plant kiss on forehead} Mommy and Daddy love you very much 
Toddler: Mommy I miss Daddy 
Me: I know honey, I miss Daddy too 
Toddler: I want my Daddy.
Me: We all want Daddy home, remember when Daddy will home again? 
Toddler: I don't want to wait until spring when grass turns to snow and melts and turns to grass and Daddy home in the Spring, and I be so happy Daddy home and then and then, then, then, then, then, then  Daddy get in his pickup and go away and leave us again. (He is still repeating words over and over again)
Me: Honey Daddy won't leave us again when he gets back.  He will come live with us in {Small Town} Montana and he will stay with us. {Huge smile from the Toddler}
Toddler: No he will get in his pickup..and and and you will stay here and baby brother will stay here and and I will go with Daddy to the farm, and ride the four wheeler with Uncle K and Daddy will VROOOM in his tractor!
Me: Don't you want to ride in the tractor with Daddy? 
Toddler: Yeah I ride in tractor with Daddy and I be careful and I hold on tight...and then I fall out of the tractor and I hurt and I cry and cry and cry 
Me: No honey Daddy won't let you fall out of the tractor, you will be careful and Daddy will keep you safe 
Toddler: Yeah and then I fall out of the tractor and hurt my head! Then ride on four wheeler with Uncle K
Me: Honey, have you ever fallen out of the tractor? 
Toddler: Yeah, I fall out of tractor and hurt me

Here is the deal, my sweet husband.  If asked a question, the Toddler is generally going to say yes. So that in itself isn't enough to substantiate a claim. However, ever time we talk about you coming home and he talks about what he wants to do with you - it always comes up that he will ride in the tractor. And then he always ends it with falling and getting hurt.

I will ask again...Is there something you need to share with me?

Farm safety babe, farm safety!

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