Saturday, October 6, 2012

Photo Bomb 23

Dear  Hubby,

This week some how simultaneously seemed to go by very quickly and painfully slow.  It quite possibly could be a real opposite week.  For instance one day it got up to 80...the next day it snowed.  Okay not really... that's all I got.

Speaking of snowing though, I found a flaw in my countdown to Daddy's Homecoming by season plan. 
Daddy left in the Spring, next came Summer and it got warmer and we ran through the sprinkler and played outside, then Fall comes when the leaves change colors and fall off the trees and the grass turns yellow.  Then will come Winter and the days will get shorter and colder and it snows.  When the snow melts and the grass comes back its Spring again, and Spring is when Daddy will come home.

The Toddler picked up on the "when the snow melts it will be Spring and Daddy will come home".  It did not go unnoticed that it snowed...and melted. At the time I thought this would be easier for him to grasp the concept of I'm questioning that decision.

Also not only is your oldest son a spitting image of you, he is starting to take after you as well.  Half way through the week he decided he no longer likes his picture taken. When I did get pictures he wasn't impressed and was pretty serious looking.  So this photo bomb will be stacked heavily in the Big D's image.  Who by the way trys to repeat everything and anything he happens to hear.  His new favorite game is to grab hold of the back of Mom's legs, growl, and hang on for the ride.  Mom is not impressed with this game in the morning when she is wearing sweatpants.

New-ish tricks (new-ish because I think they started before this week, but I can't place when): The Big D points out and says mouth, nose, eyes and sometimes ears.  I no longer can even keep a list of all the words he is saying...but it is safe to say that he is going to be another chatty talker just like his Momma!

Thursday the boys spent at the farm with Grandma and Grandpa.  They were missing them and Josh called Wednesday crying out to the ponderosa wanting Grandma, so Grandma he got.  When I was driving them out in the morning he asked if we were going to see "the New Grandma or the Little Grandma?"  I may need to get picture of all seven grandmas and pick up on their kid appointed nicknames, because I am stumped.

For the record I really do have our children dressed the majority of the time...but in the evening we tend to lose the pants after the first diaper change and after bath time its hit and miss if anything is going back on.  We love you bunches and bunches and are proud of you.


FaceTiming with Daddy

Telling the remote Hello

Future Chef in the making
(PS if you  notice he wore this shirt about 3 times this favorite?)

The Toddler has apparently decided to take on your role in the family.  When little brother rolled off the couch he insisted he needed to hold him, kiss the owie all better, and read him a story.  He also informed me that The Big D is his baby. No additional input or discussion on the matter was allowed.  He also sang to him and rocked him in the rocking chair, and wanted to spoon feed him.
Brotherly Love <3 font="font">

 I wanna be a cowboy baby... 

Sharing the rocking chair and watching movies

Refusing to look at me for a picture

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