Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Man Cake

Thinking back to parties I have helped plan, I remembered I never did post about my BIL's surprise 30th birthday party.

It was postponed THREE times!  The original date, turned out to be a different BIL's wedding day, and then birthday boy wanted to go to a concert that night.  So we moved it to the next day, where it got cancelled again. (He was totally trying to ruin HIS birthday for ME!)

So we moved it to the next weekend...where it had to be cancelled again. If I remember right, a different date didn't work out either because I was committed to a different party in a different town on that date.  So the party plans changed, along with a constant changing guest list.  We finally managed to throw a complete surprise party though.  He never suspected it after his birthday being over by about a  month.

The item I was most proud of?  The Man Cake I made. Just remember to leave it in the fridge to cool for awhile. (Having the guest of honor try to blow out a sparkler and all the little volunteers that tried to help too was priceless)

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