Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patching

The smell of a wood furnace burning,

 crisp days with brisk breezes,

sweater weather, tall boots, & bright chunky scarves,

colorful crunchy leafs,

warm comfort food and football, 

with hot apple cider.

Just a few of the things I love about fall.

Brown paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my....okay, okay I'll hold off on the singing.

These days, my absolute favorite thing about Fall is the Pumpkin Patch

Sunday was our 2nd annual trip, one of those budding family traditions I hope to do every year until the end of time....or end until the end of my patience, what ever comes first.  I really should have a lot of patience left to spare though, in 28 years I haven't used any!

We ran into a Great Aunt, who happened to just get back from a two week trip to Europe!  It was such a nice surprise to see her and hear some of the stories.  The boys enjoyed posing on pumpkins with her, and getting in some smooches.

With plenty of kids in tow we had lots of helpers running around and helping us pick out pumpkins!

My cowboy nephew.  A careful eye will spot his beloved belt/statement piece.  
It is a BIG deal, I was informed it was mom's and grandpa's before that.  
So naturally it is worn like he recently won the heavyweight championship title.

My nephew and the Big D.  Both impressed with the big pumpkins!

Me and my babies

They are good if they sound hollow right?  Wait or is that a watermelon?

Coming to a tabloid cover near you...
which sister simultaneously carried a baby and pumpkin better?

You just can't unhear things.
This sweet little group of 8 year olds were plotting about staying up 
ALL NIGHT TALKING ABOUT BOYS....giggle giggle giggle.
Oh girls...forgot the boys for a few more years.  Didn't you hear they have cooties?

My niece and her friend that came along.

"Can I trade you pumpkins and you sit on the smaller one?"

"No you sit and I hold you so you don't fall."

My boys and a couple of their loving Aunties.

Wait for me...I help you!

Demonstrating the proper way of lifting, 
use your knees not your back

The Big Haul!

We don't throw up signs, we throw out squishy faces!

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