Monday, October 22, 2012

Photo Bomb 25

Dear Hubby,

This week you get a sneak peek at Halloween costumes.  A co-worker/relative was conned into using her amazing crocheting skills to create minion hats!  Didn't they turn out awesome?  The boys love them, and they will be cute winter hats to keep their little ears warm.  The rest of the costume is easy peasy - yellow sweatshirts and bibs.

The boys got along really well this week.  Although the Big D has been quite mischievous   He tends to wake up about a half hour earlier than the Toddler.  He also likes to sneak back into the room and move whatever toy big brother chose to sleep with him the night before.  Then he boogies out the to the living room or kitchen and sets said toy down and goes on with his day never even looking at it again.  Then like clock work I hear "Mommy I can't find my stolen object of affection!" I will claim stubborn, clumsy, short attention span, and whiny...but I'm going to go with the conniving evilness is all Dad!

The big excitement all week was leading up to Mr. Happy Birthday's big day.  He was/is pretty pumped about turning 3.  I'm still in denial.  Really, can it be possible we are the parents of a 3 year old?

Halloween Costume/Winter Hats
don't they make a pair of pretty cute minions?

The Toddler showing  off his new Lightening McQueen the morning of his birthday.

Do I see a camera? Squishy Face!

Watcha Doing? Huh? Watcha Doing? Let me see, let me see!

My cute little laundry helpers.  You know what I hate most about Monday?  Sunday you finally finish catching up on laundry, get everything hung up, folded, and put away....and then Monday it starts all over again.  Really, I despise the first few articles of clothing in the bottom of a hamper.
They can wear these same outfits all week right?

Daddy Daddy Daddy!
The Big D is always excited to spot pictures of Daddy.
And typically attempts to give him hugs and/or grab him out of the computer.

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