Monday, October 1, 2012

The Circus Came to Town

Making little one's hearts go a-flutter and a-flitter, small eyes sparkle and light up, imaginations run wild, and anticipation burn deep.  Is there anything more wondrous than a circus?  Not in our little house hold.  The Toddler had been asking everyday, all day, and to everyone that would listen if it was time to go to the Circus.  We marked a day of the calendar every night with a big black X, and counted down how many days were left before bed.  It still couldn't come fast enough.

Finally the day arrived though.  I took off work an early and picked up my little clowns for an evening of fun and magic at the Circus.  We went to the fairgrounds, waiting in line, played in the dirt with matchbox cars, waiting in line some more, finally got in and found a seat.

In the end we enjoyed the dog and pony show...well most of us.  The Toddler loved it, the Big D went through stages repeatedly of pointing and smiling, then crying and struggling, followed by passive restraint and tolerance...and then some more crying.  We snuck out during the very last act with the horses because we were all ready to go.  As soon as we made it home I was informed "I have fun at daycare...and the circus".

The adult review, it was good, clean family fun....but for the price of a ticket I felt it the show was overpriced.  Luckily the boys are both 2 and under so they got in free. I paid my $20 and dreamed of having more arms than children.  I only was able to take one picture though as both arms were occupied wrangling short-attention-spanned-tots.

I also came to resent all the extra goodies set up to entice children to drive their parents insane with "What is it? I want one too!!!  Please Mommy mommy mommy, I have one too!!  What is it? Please I have popcorn, please I gets peanuts, please I have drink" reiterates my theory that he only remembers the word Please when the answer is going to be No.

Other experience that made me giggle.  A little girl sitting behind us said "I can't believe a circus came to {Town}...did you know they even wrote a song about it?!" Then proceeded to sing a few lyrics from The Circus Came to Town.

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