Thursday, October 11, 2012

Small Town Living

There are many benefits to living in a small town and community.  The biggest, however,  is the kindness of people.  Those who live in small communities can attest to the fact that if you ever find yourself not knowing what you are doing, never fear, everyone else  There are obviously pros and cons to this, but thankfully the pros win out.

While I don't know who everyone is in town yet, or how everyone is connected and/or related to who, if they go back from school, sports, church, or the oilfield.  Everyone has a general idea of who I am.  My husband grew up here, and as his wife and a newcomer to town (well new 2 years ago) I am known.  I am grateful for the kindness and understanding that has been shown to me as I am learning to deal with deployment.  It helps knowing how many people honestly care about my husband,  how many people are proud of him, and how many are understanding and thankful for his service.  The fact that they reach out to my children and I is beyond amazing.  Although my husband is gone, I am not alone in this.

This summer I never had to worry about mowing my lawn.  My neighbors built my new front steps (including part of the football team), and even checked the oil on my car.  Which thanks to a local shop, I never even had to pay for my oil to be changed.  Just a "please tell your Hubby thank you". Neighbors pitched in and helped put up our new fence in the yard.  I received numerous offers to watch the boys to allow me to go grocery shopping alone (better than any tropical vacation)   The high school volleyball team wore yellow ribbons in honor of the Hubby, and the band students have been putting together and delivering care packages for my boys.

They light up when they get to open their gift of juice boxes, goldfish crackers, animal crackers, and other kidlet approved snacks. The Toddler says "we get cawe package wike Daddy!"

All I can say is thank you. For the kind words, actions, thoughts, prayers, and support.  Thank you!

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