Friday, July 27, 2012

At Least He Has a Hard Head

Some lessons in life are hard to learn, some are painful, and some are bittersweet....for everyone involved.

2 Hours after the accident

Thursday night the Toddler was protesting my choice of stir-fry for supper and insisting he get cookies that Great Grandma sent home with us instead. He did consider accepting spaghetti as a peace offering, but his mean mother was determined the choice wasn't his to make.  When shoving his plate of food away from him didn't get a reaction, he decided to up the ante and try to push his chair away from the table.  He got more than he bargained for....I got more than I bargained for too.  His chair tipped over, with him buckled into the booster seat and everything fell to the floor in a CRASH.  His head bounced off the metal chair (that or the neighboring highchair) and as I unstrapped him he had a white and blue knot protruding about 2 inches from the side of his head. I have never seen an injury in that color before.

My phone was completely dead, I had just plugged it in to charge, but it didn't have enough juice to even turn on.  With the Big D still in his high chair I ran over to the neighbors,  banging knocking on their door, while holding the Toddler as he was sobbing.  No one was home. I ran back in to our house and plucked the baby out of the highchair and strapped both boys into their car seats and headed for the ER.  No pants, socks, or shoes and at least one soggy diaper.  Pieces of rice still stuck in chubby baby rolls and sticky hair acting as a lint trap. Me trying not to cry. I'm sure we were quite the sight to see.

Thankfully he didn't have a concussion.  He will have a nasty black eye for probably a month.  There is a rich blood supply to the face and not as much muscle, so the swelling is pronounced.  It is a good sign that there is outward swelling, inward could cause pressure to the brain.  It will look worse before it looks better.  Tylenol is fine to give for the pain. And other encouraging advice was given as we headed out the door.  I am so relieved he is okay, but so sad he was hurt in the first place. I had to take him in though, I couldn't put him to bed without knowing for sure he didn't have a concussion along with the contusion. I checked on him every couple hours the whole the night anyway.

Lessons Learned:
  • Always sit nice in chairs, ALWAYS.
  • ER visits come with a small silver lining.  5 stickers, 2 suckers and hugs from pretty nurses worth of silver lining.
  • Icing injuries for 20 minutes every 4 hours will not happen when the patient is a Toddler.
  • Mommies are pushovers when their babies are hurting.  
    • Unlimited Cookies before bed - YES
    • Cuddling on the couch and not having to pickup any toys - YES
    • Watching movies hours after bedtime - YES
    • Taking a minimum of 15 toys to be tucked in with you - YES
    • Mommy laying next to you in your Toddler bed, until you fall asleep (even though she really doesn't fit) - YES
    • Anything you want under the sun if you tell Mommy its makes you feel better - YES YES YES!

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