Friday, July 20, 2012

Memorable Convos from Work: Peanut Butter & Monkeys

I shouldn't laugh, but my co-worker always has the sweetest, friendliest voice when she answers the phone. She politely thanks telemarketers for calling (after all they are just doing their job), and asks them if they please wouldn't mind taking us off their calling list and then wishes them a good day. Professional and friendly at all times.

Apparently there is also a different side. A side that isn't about to put up with rude people. A side that I find hilarious when it comes out. I was sitting over in my desk dying trying not to snort too loudly the other day while eavesdropping a phone call. 

"Hello, {Small Oilfield Trucking Company}, this is {Co-Worker}"

Telemarketer starts schpeel, wanting the owner's phone number
"I'm sorry he's not available, could I take a message?"
Telemarketer becomes increasingly rude
"Well he's not available to talk to you!"
Telemarketer gets nasty
"Do you really think you are going to get anywhere talking to me like that?"
Telemarketer went too far
"OK you're really not going anywhere now. {click}"
Note to self, never suggest anyone remove Peanut Butter from their ears.

One of the biggest benefits to being a working mom is getting getting that adult interaction and conversation, as well as working with fun people.  Getting to know people and their personalities better.  You never really never know what to expect as far as conversations go at my job, so I define "adult interaction" a  wee bit loosely. (Doesn't every talk about Pirate Monkeys?)  This is probably why I also occasionally get warnings about needing to  focus more on work and less on socializing.  Sometimes a little bit of office randomness helps balance the crazy of everyday life though.  It's little moments like these that make my day, and I know I would miss them if I were a fulltime at home mom. 

Lesson to take home: If you are a telemarketer, keep in mind if you try the vinegar approach to catch flies, don't expect honey...I'm just saying.

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