Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goodmorning...Ready or Not!

Watching my two little guys grow I am always surprised about what they pick up on and learn (like spitting on Uncle K's boot while watching Uncle N enjoying a dip of Copenhagen).  Even more amazing is the qualities that they seem to just have inherited.

The Big D is more like his father.  He doesn't have an issue with morning...for instance he was up at 5:00am this morning.  Perfectly happy calling out "Mama! Mama!" when I rolled out of bed and trudged into the room I was greeted with a megawatt smile and "Hi Hi Hi" from my little boy bouncing with excitement to start the day.

I'm assuming he gets that from his father, because I know it isn't from me. If I don't wake up on my own (and sometimes even when I do) its not a pretty sight.  Sleep and cuddling up in layers of blankets is glorious and I could easily linger much longer than needed.  Ha, that changed with having kids.  I remember my mom telling me (and from my own recollection as well) that NOBODY in the house talked to me or really looked at me for that matter, until at least an hour after I had gotten up...it was an unspoken rule to let me say the first word before any interaction.

The Toddler takes after me a bit more...he was grumbling and whining.  Completely unimpressed that little brother was making noise, entirely displeased that the majority of the household was up for an early start. We gave him some space.

The Big D and I snuck out to the living room to cuddle on the couch and enjoy the morning to ourselves....everytime my eyelids got droopy and started to close, I got a chubby little finger poking at my eye, some slobbery kisses, and kicked about everywhere imaginable.  Baby Boy loves to climb, and most of the time Momma is his own personal play gym.  True to his Mom's traits about an hour later the Toddler woke up on his own and wandered out to join us....this time in a good mood.

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