Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Toddler AKA The Cattle Baron

After dawdling eating supper one night, the Toddler ended up alone at the table to finish his supper while the Big D and I were in the living room. I am not known for my patience, so if the majority of the group is done eating I won't be waiting for everyone else to finish.

The Toddler: Mommy come here, I want to show you something
Me: Okay, what do you want to show me?
The Toddler: Look at the fan spinning!
Me: Yep, the fan spins and moves the air around so the house stays cooler
The Toddler: Yeah
I go back to the living room and remove my little climbing monkey/mountain goat off the bookshelf.  One thing I'll give the Big D is he has self confidence....misguided when it comes to his opinion of his balancing skills, but he has confidence.
The Toddler: Mommy come here, I want to show you something
Me: Okay bud, what do you want to show me?
Toddler: Sit beside me Mommy
Mommy: Okay, what are we looking at? 
The Toddler: I need some monies
Me: What do you need money for?
The Toddler: I need to help grandpa buy more cows!
Me: Grandpa needs more cows?
The Toddler: Yea, I need to buy grandpa more cows....and chickens

About a week later

Toddler: You tired Mommy? (after watching me yawn) 
Me: Yes, I'm still a little tired 
Toddler: You go to grandmas and be tired for nap?
Me: I would like a nap, but I'm not going to take a nap at Grandmas.  Mommy has to go to work, you and brother get to stay with Grandma today.
Toddler: You stay wiff me? 
Me: Nope honey, mommy has to go to work.  Thats how mommy gets money to buy our groceries, toys, and everything else we need to pay for.
Toddler: Oh yeah 
Toddler: Mommy I need monies 
Me: What do you need money for? 
Toddler: I need to by cows! 
Me: You want to help grandpa buy cows?
Toddler: No, I NEED cows! 
Me: I see, well you will have to start saving your money up to buy cows 
Toddler: I only need two more monies to buy cows 
Me: Just two more huh? 
Toddler: Yea, you go work and get two more monies, and I buy more cows!  
Me: More cows? How many do you have? 
Toddler: Oh, I have many!
His father and grandfathers should be proud.  He is wanting to be a rancher too!  Apparently he has his own herd stashed somewhere as well....probably at my dad's ranch.  He started pointing out all of "Grandpa's cows" which quickly became "{The Toddler's} cows".

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