Monday, July 16, 2012

Care Package #9

The Hubby is such a low maintenance guy, with a dash or maybe more of a sprinkle of picky thrown in.  This combo means care packages will largely be request only.  For the Red, White, and Blue care package I sent out, in hopes of it reaching him around the 4th of July, I looked for favorite snacks and food or packaging that tied in with the theme.  Unfortunately it wasn't a huge hit.  Both of us are working on getting in better shape (him buffer, me dropping poundage), so the oreos with blue colored filling and red licorice weren't the kind of snacks he had in mind.  He also isn't a granola bar fan...even the trail mix kind.  He is more interested in protein rich stuff in case a mission or training means he misses the chow hall. I still totally think that granola bars fit the bill...we agreed to disagree.

From here on out I will stick to Jerky, Trail Mix and Dill Pickle flavored sunflower seeds.  I asked about drink mixes to flavor all the water he drinks, but he said so much of that is floating around it isn't worth paying the shipping on it.  I had also wanted to find a way to send his alltime favorite snack of chips and salsa, but he said not to worry about that, because he can buy it there. Thoughtful inspiration taking a hard hit.

Buying the bigger bags of snacks you get more for your money, but travel size are better for the soldier.  I compromised, bought in bulk and included sandwich sized Ziploc bags.  He can make his own serving sized snack packs that shouldn't take up as much room in his ruck.  Thus having the benefit of serving size packaging with the cost savings of buying in bulk!  An added benefit to Ziploc bags is that they can be decorated easily with colored sharpies to make the packaging  more fun. The possibilities are endless! Hello thoughtful inspiration, we meet again!

I also threw in letters and pictures from our niece and nephew, and finger painted pictures from the Toddler. I put the letters and pictures in clear sheet protectors into a 3 ring binder.  That way, as more are sent they can be: protected , kept together for easy viewing, and compact storage that won't take up much space. I can't wait to help the boys make themed art to include in the future packages!  I Made a cover sheet for the binder using Microsoft Publisher. 

Care Package #9 Contents

  • Teriyaki jerkey
  • Spitz Dill Pickle flavored sunflower seeds
  • Trailmix
  • Ziplock sandwich bags (Sharpie Marker 'Snacks on the Road' Design)
  • 3 ring binder w/letter and pictures in sheet protectors

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