Friday, July 6, 2012

Belated Happy 4th

First of all thank you to my Hubby and all other soldiers past and present.  It is because of these brave men and women that we had a holiday to celebrate on Wednesday.  I couldn't be prouder or more grateful for the freedoms and opportunities we have available everyday. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU again.

I took the boys into the parade in the Big City.  The Toddler filled his Uncle's hat up with candy, sat next to him on the curb and was generally attached to his hip.  I discovered the Toddler is lazy an opportunist. He would only  go for the candy that was thrown at his feet...then he befriended an older lady who gathered some candy and handed it to him.  After that he took he would look at the candy, then his new friend, then the candy...she would get up to pickup all the nearby candy, and he would hold out his hat and say "Thank You".  At least he has manners I guess.

Popular Float = Candy & Toys

Feeling a little guilty for not having my family on the FRG float, but we were late for the parade as it was.

The boys' favorite part of the parade of course were the tractors.  I love a rural parade, the old vehicles and farm equipment driving down main street always make me smile. My favorite though is always the unicycles, because I have no coordination or balance and it amazes me every time.

Ooooh...what does brother have?
It is nice to have a parade buddy to help wrangle kids.

The Toddler showing off his new comb....
...and loving hanging out with his Uncle.

We walked to the park for some more festivities, my sister is part of a Belly Dancing Group...but the heat was getting to me so I missed the performance.  The Big D, a friend and I sought out some a/c and a lunch run (Uncle D was having fun with the Toddler and asked if he could stay with him).

The Toddler played on the slide, the swings, a jungle gym, and and and ...everything there was to play on.  Uncle D treated him to some cotton candy, and he played with some half-cousins.  We call them half cousins, they aren't really related, but Uncle D has other nephews and a niece the same age and they are all growing up together, so they seem like family.

I have to giggle he pulls his hat down so far I have no idea how he sees anything.

Our little friends "the 1/2 cousins"

I love seeing that I am not the mother of the only impatient Toddler.

An older gentleman at the restaurant asked if the Big D was for sale.  I had to say no, but did say I have been known to lend him out.  His wife came up and he held her arm in his and they smiled, they were the cutest old couple.  He complimented me that I even had him wearing the right coveralls and they were on their way.  I couldn't help but notice they seemed to be sharing a moment reliving the past while staring into my little guys big brown eyes.

We picked up extra lunches and met up at my sister's house.  The Toddler was napping in his big cousins bed.  Big deal by the way, it was a Thomas the Train bed!   Uncle D is a bit of a baby whisperer and soon had both of my boys napping, and we adults got a chance to visit and catch up on each others lives.  After naptime I headed back home, stopped by my inlaws for more family celebrations and supper.  Driving back into town baby boy fell asleep, but the Toddler was determined to stay up for fireworks.  We cuddled in our backyard and watched the sky light up together.  As nice of a day as it was, I couldn't help but wonder how it was being spent on the other side of the world.

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