Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo Bomb 9

Dear Hubby,

This week actually went by pretty fast.  No daycare on Tuesday,  and I wasn't able to find a babysitter so the boys and I got an extra day together!  We ended up driving into the Big City in the afternoon to run some errands....where a temperature record was broken.  I thought something was wrong the thermometer on the car when it said it was 114, but the bank clock on the main drag reported it to be 111F! (Reports of 111-113 were reported, so the car wasn't too far off).  As I thought it was too hot to be dragging the boys around, I did drop in daycare with my cousin.  They seemed content with the a/c, toys, and new kids to play with.  I happened to see what the weather was in your neck of the words...we were hotter! Yikes. Thankfully only for that day...well thankfully for us I guess, not so much for you :( I hear you have been dealing with temps in the low 120s.

Wednesday your cousin came over and watched the boys.  No separation anxiety, the Toddler pushed me out the door with a dismissive "Bye Mom".  He was also full of stories, apparently he has no toys to play with - they are all baby's.  Our bananas talk, and he educates on the finer points of all things Lightening McQueen and the Incredibles. I'm not sure what she learned from the Big D, but she definitively had a busy day.

Of course you already know we went out to the farm to visit and took pictures of the crops.

Both boys ended up with fevers this weekend.  I was afraid it was strep (which was going around and the reason we didn't have daycare for a few days).  But a couple doses of Tylenol and a bath broke the fevers and they didn't come back.  However we spent a lot of time cuddling mom and being I didn't get all that many pictures taken...I did get a lot of books read though.  The favorites were the recorded ones you made for the boys, Cars, Curious George and There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea.

Thinking about you a lot everyday.  The Toddler wants to know when we can go get you.  I'm going to try and get some creative inspiration to make a countdown he can help in.  Hope all is well, we love you bunches and bunches.



  1. I just started to read your blog, Rae and I love it! I love your humor that you add in to your daily life and you have two of the cutest kids ever!


    1. Thank you Anne, and thanks for stopping by!