Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo Bomb 12

Dear Hubby,

I hope you had a good week.  We had a pretty good one here, although it has been hot. 100+ hot, which has meant that my evening walks and outdoor playtime have taken a hit.  The Toddler's new favorite way to burn energy at home is to count to a random number between 3-11 and then yell RACE!  He sprints back and forth between the couch and the drawers underneath the microwave.  It's a pretty straight shot, so it works long as the Big D doesn't toddle into the "race track".  That can cause a major pileup.

Your mom had the boys Tuesday and Thursday, and they are in love with spending time at Grandma's house. The boys really do seem to like their new daycare though. I have been getting fabulous reports on their behavior.  We haven't been having any more diaper rash issues for the Big D, and the Toddler is enjoying the schedule.  He is so excited to bring home art, and today they got to run through the sprinkler...and because they are boys, it was followed by a swim in the sandbox.  You should have seen the tub when I got them home and hosed off!  I had to scrub a dirt ring off and the water actually seemed a bit muddy.  They loved it!

They have also been my big helpers.  The Toddler is fascinated with cooking and is my official "Pot Stirrer" and the Big D loves the dishwasher...he has limited options to help though.  He seems to like taste testing all the silverware, which is a bit counterproductive.

Love you with all my heart, and the boys send you hugs and kisses!

 Believe it or not...this ended badly!

 If that isn't laid back and comfy I don't know what is

Little Chef

 Dishwasher Loading Supervisor

The Toddler's cooking was a success!

Naptime at Grandma's house

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