Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Bomb 11

Dear Hubby,

This week we started part time at the new daycare.  So far the boys seem to love it, the Toddler has gotten a treat everyday we have been there for good behavior.  Also coming soon to a carepackage near you, will be some craft-time-inspired, handpainted, avant-garde, world class art courtesy of our little Rembrandt.  Wednesday was their first day and they both cried when I left, of course that was hard...come 5 o'clock though, they weren't sure they wanted to leave.  I think that is a good sign.  Happy smiles all the way around. 

Friday after work I loaded the boys up and we drove to spend the weekend with my dad at the ranch. The Toddler begged grandpa to take him around the cows, so we saw the whole herd.  Each time he spotted a cow he would promptly say, "OK I need to see more cows!"  The Big D took a liking to my dad. Whenever grandpa let his guard down, he was promptly crawled on like a jungle gym.  His other favorite game was sneak up and poke grandpa, who would then poke him back and wink.  You may not know this, but as far as the Big D is concerned, Get Grandpa is the most hilarious game known to man.

We stopped by the nursing home to visit Great Grandma, but she was already for bed and thought we were leaving when we first stepped in.  She hugged me and thanked me for coming to visit and made me promise to come back again.  Next time I will come earlier in the day so I can actually spend some time with her.  She loved seeing the boys and they gave her the biggest smiles. I think they sense how important she has been is to me. She has one of the biggest and most loving hearts of anyone they will ever meet.

We also stopped in and visited my Aunt and Uncle, and of course tested out all of their grandchildren's toys.  Quality control you know!  We got back home in time for bedtime, and it seems like the weekend just slipped away.  Wish you could have been with us for all the fun and adventures.

Love you babe!

 Up and ready for breakfast by 5:30am most mornings

Annoyed by cheerful activity anytime before 6:30am 

Listening to music on mom's phone (We are the Dinosaurs Marching Marching)

Such a cheerful little guy 

We were in love with Grandpas cereal box cars. They were all promptly given names from the movie Cars.
 You would think the red one would be Lightining McQueen...but you would be mistaken.  McQueen is the yellow car #33, because he is a race car.  A careful eye will spot Finn McMissile the red and blue car, and Mater is one of the white cars with the red 'M' on the hood.

The Toddler thought you would like a picture of our lined up shoes

Having fun at Grandpas, and wearing the 'Daddy Hat'

Not a fan of "No"

Tickled to hear someone else get told 'No'

Psyched about getting to have a car of his own, they were heavily guarded by big brother

Following in Grandpa's footsteps

 On the look out for cows!

Hook Rock (named for the sheepherders monument which is mostly gone now)

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